Owner | Planner & Coordinator

Ivan Stupka

Wedding Realized is a full service wedding planning company originally founded in Charlottesville, VA.  The birth of WR is testament to how dreams can become reality with imagination, optimism, and a little hard work! 

Wedding Realized provides a wide range of services intended to help fashion all of your ideas into an exclusive, remarkable, stress-free, and extraordinary event!! We pride ourselves on experience, professionalism, organization, compassion, creativity, and an overall dynamic approach to wedding planning and coordination.   Wedding Realized is here to help REALIZE all of your wedding day dreams!

Associate Planner & Coordinator

Sarah Nyanjom

“I have always loved plann

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ing wedding and big events, and have been involved with the industry for four years.  I studied Art History in undergrad at UVA (Col ’10), and finished my Master’s degree in 2012 with the intention of opening up a small-scale gallery in the DC-area.  Fate brought me back to Charlottesville shortly after graduate school, and I’ve been dreaming up weddings and making couples happy ever since.   I am incredibly organized with an acute attention to detail.   I have a passion for art and design, and I absolutely love working with clients to bring their visions to life on their most special day.

I have two Golden Retrievers who lovingly greet me every afternoon when I get home from work, and we love hiking the Blue Ridge Mountains.  I also enjoy hot yoga, wine-tasting, traveling, HGTV Fixer-Upper marathons, and all-things Nancy Drew.”


Tarra Morgan

So I am absolutely head over heels in love with the wedding industry.  Prior to this love affair, I spent a couple of years pursuing a doctoral degree in Criminal Justice.  Then one day I had this epiphany… I was completely in the wrong field.  It took no time at all to REALIZE what I was meant to do.  I knew that with every caring, creative, organized, and detail-oriented bone in my body, from now on I would dedicate myself to helping others make their wedding day dreams come true!

My methodology (the former academic in me likes to come out sometimes) is very  simple:  Listen,

imagine, and execute.  I am pretty against the pushy, know-it-all, you are just another client approach

to wedding planning.  I am honored to say that a lot of what I know and believe in comes from my

beautiful and talented sister Bianca, owner of Just B Boutique and Just B Prom based in Springfield,

Massachusetts where I am from.