How to find your perfect girl among all mail order brides

How to find your perfect girl among all mail order brides

Check how to find your ideal woman among all the mail order brides and learn to get her heart forever

Finding a soulmate is nearly a life quest, and sometimes it can be tough to meet a person with the same interests, aims, and values. However, since we’re the time-citizens of the technological era, the search for true love has become a walk in the park.

You can just browse a website with hundreds of gorgeous girls’ profiles, choose a wow woman with the ideal traits for you, and in a few weeks, you’ll be walking her down the aisle.

Many Western men secretly dream find a mail order wife. However, it’s hard to find them in their native countries. Fortunately, you can meet these ladies online.

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    1. All you need to know about mail order brides;
      A guide on how to actually find a girl to communicate with;
      Advice on the best countries to seek a foreign wife;
      Top-tips on how to impress any woman;

Are mail order brides legal?

Many people doubt the legitimacy of such a service. And this is reasonable—the mail-order bride industry is a gold mine for scammers and fraudsters. However, if we take a deeper look, it becomes clear that marrying a mail-order bride is the same thing as marrying any girl from a foreign country.

Why are girls looking for an American man?

There are many reasons women add themselves to the mail-order bride catalog. Many of them are trying to flee their country, leaving behind ruthless traditions, limiting customs, abusive men, wars, social pressures, and so forth. Still, why are women looking for marriage overseas with Americans and getting citizenship in this country?

  • America equals freedom. Was a woman of any nation able to implement her dreams, start a career, or an own business? The USA is a perfect country for freedom-lovers.
  • Mail order brides are in a great demand. American girls are way more spoiled. Foreign girls usually have a traditional perspective and don’t fear having their hands dirty.
  • USA guys are open-minded. Non-American men are frequently conservative and abusive, while western guys treat women as equals.
  • Financial stability. For the USA, nearly every country is underdeveloped. Not to mention Asian nations, where financial stability has been unreachable since their foundation.

TOP-4 countries to find a wife

The wise mother of Forrest Gamp said that foreign women are like a box of chocolates. Or was it about life?

This is fair, that women of every nation are so different (yet incredibly gorgeous). Let’s take a quick look at the top four countries, the alluring mail brides of which are in high demand.


Ukrainian girls are known for their breathtaking natural beauty, inner strength, intellect, and traditional point of view. They’re family-oriented and loyal. Most Ukrainian mail order brides are fluent in more than two languages and have more than two high-education degrees. Why should you give Ukrainian women a chance:

  • You’ll get a wise, reliable and smart soulmate;
  • You’ll obtain a faithful friend to survive any hardships of life;
  • You can be sure you’ve found the perfect mother for your children.


Japanese women are calm, wise, and prudent. They’re polite and obedient, and they treat their men like kings. You can trust these girls with everything: your finances, your house, even your life—Japanese people are highly reliable and secure. Why should you give Japanese women a chance:

  • Your house will always be clean, while you’re always full;
  • Japanese women saving a young appearance in their 50th and are always thin;
  • They never argue.


Chinese women are modest yet strict. They have a solemn attitude towards every aspect of their lives and are pure workaholics. Chinese women are full of grace. They are slim, have impeccable skin (this stems from their nutrition and activity), and are also passionate in bed. Why should you give Japanese women a chance:

  • You obtaining a wife that is perfect in everything;
  • You can forget about housework;
  • You’ll always be satisfied.


Colombian girls have curvy bodies and exceptional looks. They’re passionate and emotional. Colombian females are full of energy and inner fire. These women are striving to create harmonious families and are good homemakers. Why should you give Colombian girls a chance?

  • These shapes will drive you crazy every day;
  • You’ll be having fun with such an energetic wife;
  • You’ll feel content.

How to meet a real mail-order wife?

The answer is as straight as a giraffe’s neck: you can find a foreign wife of your dreams on a reliable matchmaking website. Let’s figure out the step-by-step roadmap!

    1. Decide, which nationality you’d like to try.
      Choose a top-rated dating website and set your preferences (nationality, age, appearance);
      Start writing women (remember to stay creative!);
      Send presents to demonstrate your sympathy;
      Invite her to your country/visit her country to finally meet;
      Fall in love and marry her!

What if she doesn’t speak English? You can turn to the translation services any dating platform offers. However, a language barrier can become an obstacle in the future, and you should consider it.

Dating tips: How to get her once and for all

There is an essential step between marriage and getting along with each other. We should call it “Operation: Get her once and for all.” Let’s see a few valuable tips on how to impress the woman of your dreams and make her just go head over heels.

Show your confidence

Foreign women expect a man to be a man since they have a more traditional attitude toward relationships. Show your manhood and confidence, be the leader, and take the initiative yourself. Unless your lady is passionate about driving the scenario of your date, then be tolerant.

Be just an easygoing person

Nobody loves individuals prone to strict restrictions or outbursts of rage. And nobody loves nerds. Smile, laugh, tell jokes, be active, never interrupt, and remember that any dialogue is just like a ping-pong game: you say, let her say, you say, let her say. You’ve got the point.

Say what she wants to hear

What do girls usually dream about? Maybe about a cozy home, relaxing evenings, Chardonnay, sitting next to her strong man while reading an old novel. About enduring relationships and immortal love. Now, since you know what she wants to hear, you can shoot right in the aim. Tell her what her future life in America with you is preparing for her!

Let her talk

After the “ping-pong” (you talk-she talks), change the tactic and let her talk as much as she wants. People, especially girls, adore speaking about their hobbies and passions. She’ll receive a good burst of serotonin, telling you about her favorite things, and you’ll get a solid dose of dopamine, watching her eyes burn.

People will judge me: is it moral to marry a mail-order bride?

Do what your heart tells you to do. Moreover, if American women, with their feministic nature, aren’t your type, then mail order marriage with a foreign girl you truly love is the best decision you could ever make. Choose a website and sign up right away. Maybe your girl is now online, waiting for your “Hi!”